Our story

There is a high need for the option of healthy, fresh, and local food. Our pigs are named, raised, fed and live with positive attention from our three generations that live on the farm.

We currently raise Heritage hogs that produce a marbled dark meat unlike anything that is found in the grocery store (true pork is never white, flavorless and dry). This is our main focus; this is what we want to share with our neighbors and community: true, healthy, fresh, and local food.

Many of my fondest memories come from visiting grandpa on his small family farm in Salem, Oregon. He made his living as a Navy mechanic but his dream was always to feed people. Fresh eggs, creamy milk and his goal of planting strawberries on hills (so people didn’t have to bend to pick) are some of the brightest spots of my childhood.

After grandpa passed Mom raised some Cornish cross chickens and always had a garden but sadly, the family farm died with him.

My grandpa will forever remain part of my life, part of my heart and mind. Nowadays, I get to be grandpa, of 13 grandkids, and my wife and I are privileged to have four live with us.

My wife grew up on a small homestead on the outskirts of Utah, she was fortunate to be raised with a family that grew, raised and bartered the majority of their food. Their life staples were their garden, goats, chickens and bees.

We moved out to Klamath County, bought 23 acres with a small house and wanted to raise and grow our family’s food while we taught English and Mathematics at the local high school. Covid-19 took us away from teaching and gave us time to think about our current situation and we came to the conclusion that it was time to continue my grandpa’s dream, our dream, of feeding people healthy, fresh food.

— Dave Parker

Sunrise at the farm
Grandchild and resting cow
Perse and Boulder

There is no substitute for hard work.

—Thomas Edison